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Site Survey
The first step in the realization process is to complete a site survey/feasibility study to determine how your project will work best, and define the best operating areas completely. It will provide an in-depth and concise guidebook for your specific project. This will take up to two weeks and will cover all of the aspects relating to safe and efficient operations. The Site Survey is a critical compilation of information and cannot be overlooked.


Photo courtesy of Cessna Corporation

Project & Ideas

I can assist you with knowledge in the field especially with the Cessna Caravan Amphibian and how to make it work. Together we can look at outmoded or highly costly means of transportation and consider replacing them or upgrading that service. For example a freon instant on air conditioned Cessna Caravan Amphibian can operate for less than half of a similar non air conditioned helicopter service, is quieter, and much more passenger friendly. We can make remote locations into workable landing zones or bridge a gap in a highly congested city where driving would take hours. We can set up service to resorts and save passengers hours in uncomfortable boats in rough seas. You can provide potential business clients VIP service to your Private Yacht or Resort. My service is unique because I will tell you straight up if it is workable. And if a seaplane is not the best idea I will tell you that too, and most others will not.

Commercial Operator
For businesses or individuals wishing to start a commercial operation and provide charter or scheduled services to the public. This is the same as starting any airline and can take six months to a year to implement. The first step is a site survey to see exactly how this can all come together without any guessing. This can also let you see any other aviation options that may be practical in your specific case. A two aircraft fleet is highly recommended to consider this option. We will provide complete ground staff training and set up approved take off and landing areas that conform to government regulations. All operating arenas will be set up to provide safe, friendly relations with the local community and marine authorities.

Business Aircraft Options
We can provide flight training for you or direct you to the right source for any pilot in any seaplane that you choose to purchase and operate. The first steps here are to ascertain what exactly it is that you are trying to accomplish and outline a specific plan with realistic goals.

New Purchase / Operator Familiarity
The few months between purchasing and aircraft and getting it operating the way you planned can be challenging. Let's get together for a while and I will help you sort out the details, insurance, maintenance contracts, warranties, paperwork etc. There is no need to be going through more stress than necessary when you first get started.

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